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Blog writing of a case study is a very popular mode of blog writing now. It is a way that is adopted both by specific websites and even the websites of the companies and organizations. So, it’s all the more the need of the hour to write these blogs properly, as the study and reading of a case study is traditionally seen as ‘boring and monotonous activity’. This mode of blog writing is to break this concept, and to ensure that that from the ‘boring’, it is metamorphosed to ‘an eagerly looked forward to’ an activity!

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  • Add add-ons to enhance the value of the content: Now, just as our text books have content and are duly supported with figures and diagrams, so should be these blogs. You could add video clips, sketches made from the AUTOCAD softwares, photos etc to support the claims of your text on the blog. Ensure that they are not very elaborate with a short title.

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  • Edit and proofread them with care: After having decided upon the text, be careful about the editing and proofreading part of it. This will make sure of no distractions for the readers. The font sizes have to be appropriate and the usage of italics and bolds have to be apt to give the content its final proper look.

  • Insert a CTA or the Call-to-action at the end: As you finish with the blog, insert the CTA. This would give the reader an incentive to look forward to your blogs in the coming days. It’s like saying “to be continued”. So, always end your blog in a manner that would open the very same topic that you mentioned in the CTA in the consecutive blog with traffic case studies. Keep these tips in mind while blogging!

Part blood money paid by KSA extras Filipino from passing away

Filipino expats in the Kingdom expressed thankfulness late last night using a Saudi federal government choice to shoulder joint the overdue harmony in the blood flow dollars sought through the Saudi family of a patient slain by an internationally Filipino staff member (OFW).

“We appreciate Custodian of these two Sacred Mosques Ruler Abdullah and could the Almighty maintain him in good health always so that he could keep on extending humanitarian operates not only to Filipinos but other nationals as well,” Ambassador Ezzedin H. Tago advised Arab News from Manila.

OFW worker Rodelio Celestino “Dondon” Lanuza was sentenced to loss of life for your June 2000 slaying of Mohamad Al-Qahtani, an Arab nationwide. Later last night the Saudi Embassy in Manila declared that its federal government possessed created a directive for that transaction of your harmony of SR 2.3 mil for passing to the heirs of Al-Qahtani, who had been stabbed to passing away by Lanuza what Lanuza claimed as self-safeguard.

“The Saudi authorities, following the heirs of the patient waived their appropriate, has paid for the total amount in the bloodstream dollars,” the Saudi Embassy statement said.

Tago claimed that after the Saudi govt has settled the amount, the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh works with some other functions included to speed up the process for your discharge of Lanuza, who has been doing jail for the past 11 yrs.

The Philippine Section of Foreign Affairs (DFA) also appreciated the news and expressed thankfulness for your Saudi government’s humanitarian motion.

“This will pave just how for the issuance of an affidavit of forgiveness or tanazul in Mr. Lanuza’s love,” Raul Hernandez, DFA spokesman, explained in a text. “We hope that the moment all legal processes are accomplished, Mr. Lanuza will ultimately be reunited with his household,” he added.

Mike G. Gaerlan, assistant-standard of Migrante Global-K.S.A., stated: “King Abdullah has repeatedly demonstrated kindness. In the case of Lanuza, they have displayed severe take action of humanism.”

Lanuza, who proved helpful as draftsman from the Kingdom in 1996, confessed to stabbing Al Qahtani and was sentenced to dying by beheading in 2002.

In Feb 2011, the Philippine authorities along with the Saudi Reconciliation Committee in Dammam aided Lanuza protected forgiveness from your victim’s family, which necessary a diyya, or payment, amounting to 35 million pesos (about SR 3.5 million).

Lanuza’s experience experienced been the main topic of the Fb accounts “Help Preserve an existence, Help Conserve Dondon Lanuza from Passing away Row.”

The Saudi Embassy claimed that Lanuza’s new mother experienced earlier registered an charm for your Saudi federal government to spend the balance soon after she surely could elevate SR 700,000.

The OFWs running the Fb page noted increasing 10.6 zillion pesos (about SR1.6 million) since Jan. 10 by way of numerous accounts.

The Saudi Embassy stated that Lanuza’s mommy possessed before filed an attraction for your Saudi authorities to spend the balance following she was able to increase SR 700,000.

The embassy also stated that the goodwill gesture was the effect of the sychronisation together with the Office of V . P . Jejomar Binay, who may be the presidential consultant on OFW issues.

Save a Life: The Dondon Lanuza Scenario in Saudi Arabia

Week back someone welcomed me to aid a group named “HELP Conserve The Life Span OF DONDON LANUZA”. An organization that expectations to aid Dondon Lanuza’s circumstance in Saudi Arabia. I experienced awfully miserable once i found out about the tale of our fellow Filipino in Saudi Arabia, and exactly how his sympathizers make use of the internet community to assemble each and every possible assist they might reach assist him get out of prison. And I Also couldn’t aid personally but to empathize for Dondon also. I felt the urge to help in my own little way, as I was reading his stories and watching some of his supporters videos asking our government to do something about Dondon’s case. That is why I’m writing this article about Dondon Lanuza’s Case in Saudi Arabia.

Dondon Lanuza is convicted for Murder in August 2000 and was sentenced to passing away by beheading on June 10, 2002 for killing a Saudi Arabian countrywide. He previously sustained more than 12 extended several years in Damman Reformatory Prison and it is now expecting the very last verdict in the eldest kid in the explained Arabian Federal, who will transform 18 years 24 months from now. That might probably pursue the implementing of the beheading if Dondon Lanuza will fail to come up with the agreed amount.

I believe our authorities has ears to pay attention. I am just addressing our Director Noynoy Aquino in behalf of Dondon Lanuza’s family and friends and others people who facilitates him to please, remember to anything on Dondon’s situation. I’m pleading you Mr. Chief executive, you will find a guy on the market in the brink of his loss of life within a international land plus a son to his mother and father along with a good friend to his buddies, pleasing for your help that his killing in the Arab National was an act of personal-shield. Allow us to not change a blind eyesight about this circumstance Mr. President. I have substantial expectations for you. The clock is ticking and then he is racing towards time.

I once lived in a foreign land and I understand how difficult it is to be a foreigner. If you languish more than a decade there in prison, how much more? This man is dire straits and then he requirements our government’s support. To people those who has become reading this write-up, remember to spread out the hyperlink and help Dondon’s Official Facebook or twitter Groups, Pages and Website.

Let’s not dispute on who will be held responsible on this page individuals and I’m not in this article to discuss my disgust in ourgovernment’s worldwide insurance policy sometimes. Let’s just do something to help you Dondon Lanuza. It is actually our duty like a other Filipino. Let’s assist conserve a life.

To Dondon Lanuza, and his awesome family members remember to be strong rather than quit the combat lifestyle.

– A Anxious Person

“Life is the most important and sacred human being appropriate… The human blood

is impermissible and no-one dares lose it… He who endangers the life span

of merely one particular person is known as endangering all humankind.”


World-wide alliance of internationally Filipinos Migrante Global commemorates the freedom and home-coming of Rodelio “Dondon” Lanuza, an internationally Filipino employee (OFW) who has been on Saudi passing away row for the past 13 many years.

, is of course liberty through the Saudi Reconciliation Committee (SRC) after his loved ones and followers could actually raise the bloodstream dollars or “diya” amounting to Php35 mil required to pay for the family of his victim.40 and Lanuza

Lanuza was jailed 13 years ago for the murder of your Saudi gentleman in 2000. He managed he destroyed the person in personal-protection. Very last Feb . 2011, he was ultimately forgiven through the family of the sufferer and was necessary to enhance the blood vessels dollars in return for his liberty.

“We are very happy for Dondon and the Lanuza household. All of our attempts have not experienced vain, so we feature this mostly to Dondon’s battling mindset and the combined attempts of family, friends and supporters,” said Garry Martinez, Migrante Worldwide chairperson.

Martinez stated that Lanuza will likely be appreciated by Migrante International when he is available residence.

“There remains to be a lot assist found it necessary to strategy for that lives of other OFWs on death row. Dondon’s experience and story will act as an creativity to our own kababayans who have been burning off expect, especially following the rendering of Filipinos in Chinese suppliers under the Aquino administration.”

The migrant innovator explained that it is only appropriate that Lanuza got home these days, Sept . 19, on the day that international Filipino worldwide are conducting a Zero Remittance Day time for Absolutely nothing Pork.

“Dondon’s situation is evidence of poor authorized assistance and welfare solutions receiving OFWs in problems. If not for our active and unwavering lobbying and campaigning together with his family and friends, the Philippine and Saudi governments would not have given proper attention to Dondon’s case,” Martinez said.

Martinez said they are certain that as being a free gentleman, Lanuza will continue to handle the cudgels for distressed OFWs, and therefore he will be a part of the increasing activity of internationally Filipinos from the pork barrel system and corruption in govt.

What’s taking place with Dondon Lanuza?

After you have put in fifteen years in prison with the P35-zillion blood money previously paid as well as the victim’s dad putting your signature on the “tanazul” (an action waiving specific proper rights into a assert) or affidavit affirming forgiveness, family of abroad Filipino personnel Rodelio “Dondon” Lanuza are wondering why their kin has not been unveiled coming from a Saudi prison. Several Filipinos such as Fil-United states businesswoman Loida Nicolas Lewis got worked well hard to raise the blood flow funds for Lanuza who had been facing the passing away sentence for eliminating a Saudi federal who had made an effort to sexually neglect him.

Even Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah provided practically P25 million-the total amount of the volume required for the release of Dondon-which in itself must be a transmission how the circumstance is as effective as sealed. Sources say the release papers from a Saudi Appellate Court judge have not been signed yet, with the documents supposed to be transmitted to the Emir or governor of Dammam whose office will issue the final order for the closure of Dondon Lanuza’s case.

If true, officials in Dammam should act quickly to resolve this hitch before OFW groups get impatient and start conducting their own investigation to find out just what this “major, major disaster” is, and make the person who has caused the delay of Lanuza’s release accountable, sources who have been closely watching the developments claim that “it’s not a glitch but a major, major disaster [had] happened, preventing the release of Dondon Lanuza from the Saudi jail.”.

Mayor Erap in combative feeling

Manila’s new mayor, past chief executive Joseph “Erap” Estrada is certainly within a combative disposition, starting a crusade in opposition to against the law gambling which includes jueteng, in contrast to previously reviews stating he or she is generating an exception to this rule from the unlawful phone numbers game. Mayor Erap crafted a clarification, saying as he explained “all kinds,” he definitely designed the whole kit and caboodle which includes jueteng because it is nevertheless considered against the law.

The mayor, however, is still convinced that the numbers game should be legalized because it is a source of livelihood for some 160,000 individuals working as bet collectors. If they are found sleeping on the job as far as going after illegal gambling activities are concerned, Estrada had also warned police station commanders about hizzoner’s one-strike policy-“isang beses ka lang” as an FPJ fan laughingly put it-meaning these police officials will get the boot.

The now-Mayor’s battle has yielded some 120 prohibited “video karera” (a digital horse rushing video game where by athletes spot coins to option for your successful horse) machines worthy of P3 million confiscated through the law enforcement officials. Mayor Erap wielded a sledgehammer (found in photo along with his trustworthy lieutenant, vice mayor Isko Moreno) and proceeded to break the equipment. Options repeat the cash in the confiscated models will also be transformed up to the Hospicio de San Jose.

By the way, Manila’s Finest (are specific station commanders trembling inside their boot styles now? ) allegedly unveiled an official Facebook page that will support folks document abandoned, recovered and carnapped automobiles. Named “Manila CRAV”, the MPD page so far remains unsearchable according to our buddies, prompting one of our patience-challenged friends to suggest that perhaps the Facebook page should just be changed to “Manila C.R.A.P.”

$34-zillion white-colored elephant

Even while the usa wraps up its operations in Afghanistan with troops about to head for house, American citizen taxpayers are strenuous why america govt nonetheless developed a 64,000-square foot, status-of-the-art work, $34-zillion composition in South west Afghanistan. As outlined by records, numerous military services commanders opposed the building of your building (which started in 2010) as their services feature a conflict-area and theatre.

Previous Pentagon officials have criticized the facility-in the beginning planned to function as a local command heart and built to property some 1,500 US staff-calling it luxurious, inefficient and even felony. The construction will most likely be deserted now that the troops are making. On 2nd thought, maybe The united states can just hand it onto Afghanistan-a concept resisted by some would you somewhat start to see the structure split downward.

Reports also say that a lot of stuff will also be left behind because they will be more costly to ship back home-fanning the flames of anger already felt by ordinary Americans at the thought of taxpayers’ money going to waste or worse, going into the hands of people harboring anti-American sentiment. Discuss disgraceful exits.

Say that once more? The Saudi ruler offered cash for Dondon Lanuza’s independence?

The record originated at least CEO and philanthropist Loida Nicolas Lewis.

She said: “This early morning (February 4th), Arab News called me up to say that the Queen of Saudi Arabia, Queen Abdullah along with the Royal Loved ones will certainly top off the blood vessels dollars that is caused by the household in the sufferer in the matter of Dondon Lanuza. My heart just leaped with joy because it is a miracle.?, when I heard that?

Lewis mentioned in a click declaration that this Ruler is “filling in the $600,000” required to comprehensive the blood vessels cash necessary to release overseas Filipino employee Dondon Lanuza. As a result, she said, “Dondon Lanuza will be walking a free man this year” after spending 12 years behind bars.

Rodelio “Dondon” Lanuza was charged with killing a member of the noble loved ones, a person he grew to become buddies with although working as a draftsman in Saudi Arabia. There have been allegations of improvements of the intimate character which Lanuza reportedly attempted to fend off. Within the battle, the Saudi gentleman was wiped out. Lanuza stated personal-safeguard.

Lanuza’s mother Letty stated the man’s family members demanded ‘blood money’ of approximately $833K in return for her boy getting spared from beheading. Letty searched for the help of Lewis who, consequently, applied her impact to boost the exact amount and contact around the world focus on Lanuza’s situation. Seems like through the declaration the Ruler of Saudi Arabia composed for that shortfall and offered the total amount.

“For the Ruler of Saudi Arabia, I assume his coronary heart was handled from the prayers of a huge number of Filipinos, which includes Letty Lanuza, the mother,” explained Lewis, who thanked the Saudi royalty “for their participation in supplying additional backing in the direction of the liberty of Lanuza.”

She also conveyed because of Philippine and Saudi federal government officials and individual folks Manuel V. Pangilinan, Judy Araneta Roxas, Tessie Sy Coson, to mention just some of her friends.

“Para sa lahat sa inyong tumulong kay DonDon Lanuza, sa mga kaibigan kong nagbigay ng medyo malaki-laking pera,” Lewis stated. “Maraming-maraming salamat. I am confident Dondon him self is saying thanks to you in the prayers. Our god is useful, at all times.”

Why Would You Use Premium WordPress Themes

In the last three years, WordPress has built itself as typically the most popular posting platform online. Together with its fame comes a rise in the interest in WordPress related items like Plug ins and themes. While both of them are substantially important, the selection of a WordPress theme can considerably do or die your site. No matter whether you need to earn money in your website or gain fans and fans, it matters to utilize a decent WordPress Template.

Since WordPress is definitely an open-source, you realized abundant assets for example plug ins and themes open to your disposal free of charge. But the truth that it’s free means you aren’t guaranteed performance and quality. Although you will find lots of free WordPress assets, most of them have low quality. It is just logical to visualize that since they are passing on towards the public totally free, that they’re not certain to maintain, update and supply support. For the similar reason, I’ve always used Premium WordPress themes on my websites.

premium wordpress themes

Search engine optimization And Premium WordPress themes

Visitors are the center on most websites especially individuals which are making money. Search engines like google, as everyone knows, is the greatest supply of traffic which are highly convertible. The reason why is straightforward. Those who are while using search engines like google are likely thinking about what they’re trying to find. Imagine tapping those visitors aimed at your website that sells items and services serving the searchers’ wants and needs. This means more sales, more profit and much more earnings for you personally. But exactly how is that this associated with Premium WordPress Frames?

To begin with, to be able to get traffic in the search engines like google like Google, Yahoo and Bing your site must be enhanced on their behalf. It’s known as Search engine optimization, an abbreviation for seo. Now I am not likely to discuss Search engine optimization in particulars but to place it easier it is all about that which you do in your website and just what you need to do off your site (On-page and Off-page optimisation).

To be able to please the search engines like google, your website’s coding, connecting structure etc. ought to be completed in such a manner it meets the recommended standards from the search engines like google. The issue is, most of free WordPress themes are not only as much as it. However, the majority of the Premium WordPress themes offers Search engine optimization like a selling proposition for his or her Premium themes. Hence, utilizing a Premium WordPress Theme like Thesis gives your site the benefit of being internet search engine enhanced (ie. internet search engine friendly). Consequently, you will see that your site works well within the search engine results.

premium wp themes

Support And Upgrade

Most, if not completely from the Premium WordPress themes, offer support and upgrades for their customers. It’s known as premium for any reason and some of it is the use of support in the theme designers and use of updates just in case WordPress to produce more recent version. This isn’t just happening if you work with a totally free WordPress Theme. Generally, these complimentary themes remain not-up-to-date, not-support and dead.

If you’re a blogger, your least of worries ought to be whether your WordPress theme is enhanced for that new edition of WordPress. Your least of worries ought to be, you don’t have anybody that will help you tweak and personalize your site which means you need to turn to employing designers that will help you that could be pricey. Understanding that not every writers are expert programmers, it is a relief to understand that Premium WordPress Theme designers provide their customers the support and updates they require.

Search engine optimization and support are just two many advantages of choosing reasonably limited WordPress Theme. However these are really the greatest explanations why anybody who uses WordPress should make use of a Premium Theme rather than using just any theme available.

Deportation papers of once doomed Dondon Lanuza signed

The deportation papers of once doomed Overseas Filipino Worker Rodelio “Dondon” Lanuza has been signed by Saudi authorities clearing his return to the Philippines after more than a decade.

V . P . Jejomar C. Binay mentioned he was knowledgeable by Philippine Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Ezzedin H. Tago of the advancement on Fri.

Tago mentioned the Governor of your Eastern Province, His Noble Highness Prince Saud container Naif bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, currently agreed upon the deportation order for Lanuza very last Thursday.

“Ambassador Ezzedin H. Tago informed me how the prison has proved they may have acquired on Thursday the improve backup from the deportation order,” Binay mentioned inside a statement.

Lanuza was presently well informed of the good news, mentioned Binay who may be Presidential Adviser on OFW Problems.

“The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh presently informed Lanuza from the advancements as well as be giving reps to check the stamping from the last get out of visa,” Binay stated.

Following this, Lanuza will ultimately be released and deported the location of his household, he stated.

Lanuza’s company had already released a No Objection Message, or mukalasa, on Sept 3 essential for the OFW’s repatriation.

Lanuza has additionally previously undergone fingerprinting, an additional requirement of deportation.

The Division of Unfamiliar Affairs (DFA) experienced presently purchased a aircraft solution for Lanuza, but the plan of the OFW’s trip towards the Philippines remains to be pending until his exit visa is distributed.

Lanuza was sentenced to loss of life in 2000 for hurting an Arab nationwide who allegedly attempted to sexually abuse him.

The oil-unique kingdom’s top courtroom affirmed his loss of life charges in 2001 but he was later on pardoned after the family asked for bloodstream dollars.

The Philippine govt together with private folks and no-govt companies elevated 700,000 riyals (P7.6 zillion) for Lanuza’s bloodstream money of 3 mil Saudi Arabian riyals.

Saudi King Abdullah, at the same time, shouldered the total amount of 2.3 thousand riyals required for his launch.

OFW protected from Saudi loss of life row home eventually

The Filipino sentenced to dying in Saudi Arabia as a result of murder showed up from the Philippines Thursday morning, September 19, the culmination of the 13-calendar year challenge.

Lanuza came to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila by using an Etihad Air travel from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. After his introduction, he moved home to his home in Sampaloc, Manila, and lastly reunited with his loved ones.

His homecoming will come soon after he was pardoned for getting rid of a Saudi national in 2000. He claimed he acted in self-protection as the sufferer allegedly made an effort to sexually neglect him.

Saudi’s highest court affirmed his death penalty in 2001, but Lanuza was pardoned after the victim’s family asked for blood money.

The victim’s family members received 3 zillion Saudi riyal in bloodstream cash. The Saudi federal government via Master Abdullah shouldered 2.3 mil in the quantity (about P24.9 million) even though the Philippine government and personal individuals and groups had been only in a position to raise 700,000 Saudi riyal or P7.5 thousand in February.

“This can be a unusual example the location where the ruler of Saudi Arabia contributed numerous pesos to conserve someone’s lifestyle,” Vice President Jejomar Binay mentioned inside a declaration on Wednesday.

Binay is definitely the presidential counselor on international Filipino personnel (OFWs).

“We would like to again expand our because of the queen of Saudi Arabia, to private groups, and to our Embassy for his or her energy,” added Binay.

‘Many OFWs nevertheless need to have our help’

Lanuza’s can be a scenario of methods family and friendsphilanthropists and friends, and other people can use standard press, social media, along with a worldwide interest succeed liberty.

Lanuza’s friends and relatives utilized their off-line and internet based networks to increase the bloodstream money. They attached an international appeal, tapping organizations, people, and philanthropists like Filipino-American citizen businesswoman Loida Nicolas Lewis. They even can put up a site www.helpdondon.com.

Inside an job interview with the Inquirer last year, Lewis explained Lanuza’s story and new mother relocated her to aid him.

“As a lawyer, after i see the short of his lawyer, it [struck] my sensation of justice. Self-shield is really a legitimate defense for acquittal but he was convicted for premeditated murder. He needs to have been acquitted…. We Filipinos have to help him because he is our son, our brother, our cousin,” Lewis said.

In a notice published on www.helpdondon.com, Lanuza thanked anyone who proved helpful for his relieve, and discussed his new daily life.

“Being right behind night clubs has opened my eyeballs to the price of life and freedom. My previous has trained me in that getting issues as a given down the road is no longer an alternative to me. They have also enlightened me on the truth which i use a better contacting and that is, to generate a distinction and stay of company to Our god and my fellowmen,” Lanuza stated.

He additional: “Many thanks for celebrating my freedom with me, but let us not forget that there is still a lot of work to be done. Many of our OFWs nevertheless need our aid.”

OFW in Saudi loss of life row one step even closer to release

The Foreign Issues Department established the putting your signature on of your courtroom choice that will help protected the production of Filipino Rodelio “Dondon” Lanuza. The aggrieved family and judges in Saudi Arabia authorized the record.

Within a message, Unfamiliar Affairs Spokesman Raul Hernandez mentioned Philippine Ambassador to Riyadh Ezzedin Tago educated the Office in regards to the putting your signature on of your document.

A legal court determination comes with the notation that this blood dollars for Lanuza was gotten as well as the victim’s household “signified its forgiveness.”

“The after that process is perfect for the legal court to transmit the data file towards the Workplace of the Emir. Then, the office of the Emir will decide if it will issue the order for release or seek confirmation from the Ministry of Interior,” said Hernandez.

V . P . Jejomar Binay, presidential adviser on Internationally Filipino Workers issues, also verified the document.

“I discovered from Ambassador Tago that Lanuza’s scenario document will no longer be shipped to the legal court of Is of interest and will also be forwarded on the Emir’s business office once the determine in control indicators the endorsement,” Binay stated inside a assertion Thursday.

Lanuza was jailed in Saudi Arabia for hurting a Saudi countrywide in 2000. He reported he acted in personal-defense right after the target allegedly made an effort to sexually abuse him.

Saudi’s top courtroom affirmed his passing away fees in 2001 but Lanuza was pardoned after the loved ones requested blood flow money.

PH many thanks Saudi to save Pinoy on dying row

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines on Fri, Feb . 1, thanked the Empire of Saudi Arabia for shouldering the P24.9-M blood flow cash to get a Filipino sentenced to passing away because of murder.

The Saudi govt has made a decision to shoulder blades 2.3-M Saudi riyal in blood vessels funds, equivalent to P24.9-M, to extra Filipino federal Rodelio “Dondon” Lanuza from your passing away row. Lanuza’s loved ones was just capable of bring up 700,000 Saudi riyal or P7.5-M.

“The (Philippine) federal government expresses gratitude for the Saudi authorities for your humanitarian action, which paves the way for that issuance of an affidavit of forgiveness (tanazul) in Mr Lanuza’s prefer,” the Department of Unfamiliar Matters (DFA) explained in a assertion.

The DFA also thanked V . P . Jejomar Binay and philanthropist Loida Nicolas-Lewis for top fundraising efforts for Lanuza.

“This beneficial growth is because of the tireless energy and steadfast dedication of Filipinos cooperating. Hopefully that as soon as all legitimate procedures are finished, Mr Lanuza will finally be reunited regarding his family,” the DFA mentioned.

An additional Filipino stays about the loss of life row in Saudi, however. The rendering of Filipino countrywide Joselito Zapanta, who has been convicted for murder with robbery, was deferred in November to permit his family members to improve P55-M in blood flow cash.